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Excalibur Language School

Excalibur Language School

Excalibur Language School was founded in 2000 with the ambition to make a change in the approach to foreign language learning, as well as to broaden people’s horizons, introduce them to different cultures and customs of English speaking countries.

We love this profession and our students can feel that. We believe that true motivation and the friendly atmosphere are a necessary precondition to successful and productive learning. Our approach to English language learning is communicative and student centred. We monitor students’ progress. We are specialized in English language, we teach General English, English for Specific Purposes (Business English, Legal English, Medical, etc).

The school offers courses for children and adults adhering to international teaching standards. The courses are in accordance with Common European Framework. Excalibur’s diagnostic test enables a realistic assessment of one’s language level. Junior and Senior Courses gradually lead to taking the corresponding Cambridge Exams. Students are awarded with the Excalibur Certificate on completion of each course.

The premises enable easy access to disabled students – everybody is entitled to education.

Excalibur empowers a great number of people to perfect their language skills either for the purpose of career, studies, or simply to feel more confident in written or spoken communication.

Excalibur Language School is proud of their qualified staff and modern teaching approach.

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Excalibur Exam Centre

Excalibur Exam Centre osnovan je u decembru 2012, kao izdvojeni deo konzorcijuma Excalibur koji se bavi pružanjem svih usluga u vezi sa učenjem engleskog jezika.